Tgix - Technology Consulting

Thaumaturgix, Inc. (“Tgix”) is a New York City-based boutique IT consulting and services firm, founded by experienced technologists with a strong background in professional services. For over 20 years, we’ve designed, built, maintained and managed some of the most technologically sophisticated applications and environments on the Web. Our clients range from Fortune-level global enterprises, including Pfizer, HP, AT&T and Viacom; to well-known brands like B&H, Dior and HarperCollins; to Silicon Alley start-ups (some of whom we shepherded all the way from pre-funding business plan to IPO).

Our development staff are all strong technologists, and our project managers understand how to translate business requirements into technology solutions. More importantly, we are technology agnostic, always delivering the right solutions using the right technology.

Our track record of success is unparalleled. Let us partner with you.

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