Software Development, Cloud Services & Consulting

Tgix has spent the past two decades earning its reputation as one of the premier IT consulting and services firms in the New York area. Over the years, we’ve worked with a wide range of organizations – from Fortune 100 companies like Pfizer, Hearst and The American Stock Exchange, to Internet Start-ups like Daily Candy, Boinc and CheetahMail — to help them address their hardest technology, software development and operational challenges. After over 20 years of successful engagements and long-term clients, our reputation speaks for itself.

We specialize in four key areas critical to many of today’s online and traditional businesses.

What sets us apart? Large consulting firms are expensive, rigid and frequently employ “bait and switch” when it comes to team composition. Smaller, less experienced, niche consultancies typically have a narrow focus and little understanding of broader, business goals; furthermore, their deliverables often suffer from the “if all you have is a hammer” syndrome. We apply decades of professional services consulting experience to our client engagements, and we have evolved a wide range of methodologies, which we combine with broad technical experience, to deliver our solutions. All our client engagements benefit from our:

  • “SWAT” team approach to project execution
  • Day-to-day involvement of a Tgix Partner
  • Local,highly experienced technical team
  • Expertise in end-to-end IT solutions delivery
  • Technology-agnostic approach to problem solving
  • Alliances and relationships with key IT product and services vendors
  • Flexible and agile approach to development
  • Professionalism, and an understanding of business requirements
  • Long-standing, off-shore partner relationships

Tgix has been a committed and proven partner to hundreds of companies over the last twenty years. Let us partner with you.

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