Tgix - About Us

Thaumaturgix (“Tgix”) is a boutique cloud services firm that manages complex AWS environments through a combination of custom support engagement models and our suite of automation tools (TCAS). We specialize in supporting AWS infrastructure as well as applications, and provide automation for critical operational tasks, such as backups, DR, instance resizing and environment cloning. We also have deep expertise in designing and building highly secure, resilient and scalable cloud solutions. We are an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner based in New York City. We work with clients ranging from Fortune-level enterprises to startups across a variety of industries in the private sector and Federal Government agencies.

Key Differentiators

  • Maturity: Seasoned team with 10+ years of AWS experience and a long track record of successful engagements.
  • Depth: Deep expertise in AWS infrastructure and operations, especially building, automating and managing highly secure, available & scalable environments.
  • Breadth: Expertise across a wide variety of platforms, application frameworks, databases, open-source and web technologies.
  • Flexibility: Multiple support & engagement models to suit client requirements.
  • Automation Suite: TCAS (Tgix Cloud Automation Suite), our SaaS-based tools & templates for orchestration & automation of essential operational tasks.

Capabilities, Solutions and Expertise

  • Infrastructure as Code: Ansible, Terraform and AWS CloudFormation
  • DevOps/Deployment: Git, Jenkins and AWS Developer Tools
  • Containerization/Serverless: Docker, Kubernetes, AWS ECS/EKS/Fargate and Lambda
  • Applications/Frameworks: WordPress, PHP, Python/Django, Node.js, other Web Apps and Microservices
  • DB and other Technologies: AWS RDS, DMS, Glue, Storage Gateway, ElastiCache, CloudFront/WAF