NYC Tech Careers - Join Tgix

If you are a smart, tech savvy and a great problem solver, Tgix might be the place for you. We are a company of strong technologists, run by strong technologists.  We started our company in the heyday of The Web, compiling server code from CERN, writing HTML in “vi”, and administering large, Sun-based infrastructures.  Now we build both Web and Mobile apps using the latest programming tools and frameworks, and administer large, AWS-cloud environments.  Our clients range from startups to fortune-level enterprises, our projects are always interesting, and most important, we do outstanding work: 20+ years of great referrals and testimonials!

Are you a java guru?  A joomla expert? An iOS developer? A strong tech architect?  A hands-on project manager?  A rock-solid DB programmer?  A sysadmin par excellence?  Those are good things to be, and if we didn’t mention your particular specialty — “XYZ” — just s/joomla/XYZ/ on this paragraph.  But specialty aside, what we’re looking for are the kinds of technologists who know that they can learn whatever technology they need, and will be an expert before anyone else figures it out.

Look, there’s lots of great, tech work out there.  But there are very few boutique consulting firms run by MIT & CMU grads where the work environment is so awesome, the learning opportunities baked so deeply into the fabric of the company, and the co-workers so cool, that the average staff tenure is over ten years.  More importantly, we are professionals, and we do professional work, which is why startups entrust us with their business, and why fortune-level clients hire us again and again.

Right now, we’re especially looking for:

  • A strong, hands-on, technical Project Manager.
  • An AWS-knowledgeable DevOPS Sysadmin.
  • A java or php programmer with a few years of experience and a thirst to learn.

If you think you might be good fit, please send us email to hiring <at> tgix <dot> com.  Come join the team!