Building a Secure AWS Environment

Building a Secure AWS Environment

By Moses Merchant, Co-founder and Executive Vice President of Systems and Network Operations, Tgix

My server! So near…
Yet chowned. Data not found. Note:
Next startup, use cloud.

Having your data center next door under lock and key, seeing the neat row of blue LEDs blinking, and hearing that reassuring hum day after day would lull any Operations Manager into a false sense of security. The fact of the matter is if those systems are on the Internet (which they probably are), then your confidential intellectual property on those systems, your key data and corporate assets, are no more or no less secure in that physical data center than they are in the public cloud.

There’s always been a stigma associated with cloud computing security. But security is what you make of it, and the reality is that AWS provides a ton of security features and functions that are available at low to no cost. Just like everything else in the world of systems, these need to be understood, applied and used in a holistic fashion to achieve security nirvana.

Download this Tgix whitepaper on AWS cloud security and learn how to:

  • Protect systems, networks, and console access
  • Detect intrusions
  • Build recoverability

Download the Whitepaper here!