Custom Software Development Case Study

NYC-HQ’d Fortune 50 Global Pharmaceutical Company

Build integrated systems to manage all on-line and on-site training for the US-based sales force of over 12,000 salespeople.

A multi-million dollar offshore software development effort was failing, and Tgix was asked to come in and rescue the project in a short timeframe.

  • A global sales-force reorganization was scheduled in three months, but none of the training, testing, scheduling or analysis applications were ready.
  • The system had to be flexible to handle changing regulatory and business requirements.
  • Training schedules and class assignments had to be optimized to minimize travel requirements and hotel bookings.
  • Exemptions had to be managed to support training and HR issues
  • Support for “What-if scenarios” was required to fine-tune the re-organization.
  • Integration with many legacy and third party systems and databases.

The Tgix Solution
Tgix quickly assembled a strong team, working long days and weekends to meet an important client’s mission-critical deadline. We developed:

  • An easy-to-use system to analyze what-if scenarios to understand how different rules and regulations would impact sales training.
  • Tools for optimizing training rules and schedules.
  • Workflow systems to manage the end-to-end class scheduling, material distribution, testing, exemption-handling, and training schedule.
  • A team-facing portal bringing all relevant data to a centralized location.
  • Client-reference-architecture-compliant APIs to syndicate information to other applications.

Despite a very tight deadline, Tgix prevented a catastrophe.  The client:

  • Successfully re-organized their US sales force by the stated deadline, with the required training.
  • Integrated diverse systems and applications into a unified training, scheduling and analytics portal.
  • Used the system to manage many additional sales force re-organizations.