Custom Software Development

Tgix has a long track record of successful software development projects. From custom content management solutions, to mobile applications, to enterprise portals, to e-commerce sites, and to projects of all shapes and sizes, we approach every software development project with one goal: to satisfy the business needs of our clients. Our long experience with designing and building software gives us an edge over the competition, and means that our projects are delivered on-time and on-budget. Furthermore, we are technology agnostic: we approach every engagement with an open mind, always helping our clients choose the right technology for their needs. Whether we’re helping a start-up build their business from scratch, or integrating with an established client’s existing infrastructure and back-end systems, we always provide our clients with technology options, along with the pros and cons of the different choices, to help them make the best long-term business decision. Our engagement model provides the best route to successful deployments, and gives our client’s long-term insight into their maintenance and support costs. Unlike our “boutique” competitors, our teams of project managers, technical architects and software developers don’t just select the “latest” or “hottest” technology; we recommend the technologies that make the most business sense. And when an off-shore model is requested, our approach is to always assess the appropriate balance between on-shore and off-shore team skills and strength, to ensure we make the best use of project resources and budget.

Our experience ranges from classic systems integration, to modern mobile application development, to re-architecting existing enterprise applications, to developing entirely new, state-of-the-art business applications in large enterprises. Our teams combine an unparalleled combination of knowledge and skill in both mature environments and in new, evolving technology areas.

Tgix’s software development experience provides:

  • A true partnership in developing the application, with a strong focus on defining business requirements and solving technology challenges
  • A seasoned team that has built hundreds of custom applications
  • An established history of successful deployments, with the assurance that Tgix will be here when you need support or ugrades
  • Deep experience and expertise across many industry verticals
  • A founding partner engaged in and participating in your project, from start to finish

For the past two decades Tgix has honed its expertise in building world-class applications for:

  • E-commerce
  • Content Management
  • Web Publishing
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Warehousing

Organizations turn to Tgix to tackle their most complex custom software development projects.

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