Strategic IT Consulting

For over twenty years, Tgix has provided Strategic IT Consulting Services to companies ranging from global enterprises to newly funded start-ups. Our Strategic IT Services have resulted in successful projects ranging from an enterprise-wide content management system for Hewlett Packard, to a global data management system for Harper Collins, to worldwide pricing portal for Pfizer, to dozens and dozens of start-up’s entire businesses. We’ve helped strategize, and then often build, complex business solutions for our diverse clients. For a several start-ups, we’ve even served as a virtual CTO. Whether we’re working with clients to design something new from scratch, or untangling complex, legacy systems, we have the experience to understand what is required to design, recommend, and implement complex, strategic solutions. Moreover, we have the forethought to help organizations plan for the future. Our strategic IT consulting engagements have ranged from short, agile “sprint” projects to long term partnerships.

Large or small, we’ve helped organizations:

  • Analyze and assess complex business systems and processes
  • Create short-term and long-term technology roadmaps
  • Design IT systems and solutions

Our commitment to our clients’ success, and our technology-agnosticism, has helped hundreds of clients select the right solutions for solving complex business problems. By partnering with Tgix, our clients avoid the traps of reseller relationships, short-lived trends, or entrenched technology agendas.

Tgix’s clients view us as their trusted business partner, helping them navigate the challenges of technology change.

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