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Here’s What Our Clients Say About Us

  • “It has been a singular pleasure working with Tgix, whose enthusiasm and passion for challenging technology projects have enabled us to realize our vision and translate a great idea into even better software."
    - President, Chat software provider
  • "Congratulations and awesome job Tgix on the Infra Migration project successfully executed! Always had faith you'll make it happen, but having a switch so uneventful and without any downtime takes it up a notch! Hat's off, guys!"
    - CTO, Streaming Music Service
  • "Tgix's strong technical skills were instrumental in helping us launch Penguin's They worked with us on numerous projects: all successful in part due to their professionalism and talent. Tgix also provided proactive account management by regularly meeting with me and my team to understand our priorities and goals, and were always ready with resources and assistance when needed. I recommend them highly."
    - Ed Dulinsky, Director Internet Strategy, Penguin Publishing
  • "Unparalled Service Provider.
    - Broad and deep knowledge.
    - ALWAYS produces the desired result on time, and usually produces better results than expected."
    - Thomas McFarland, CTO, Amas Group (Hinduja)
  • "Tgix has supported us in delivering critical Health Care solutions to some of the largest Health Plans & Providers in the country. Their technical expertise in architecture, design and development, along with their friendly, professional demeanor, make them one of our most valued partners."
    - CTO, SaaS provider of Healthcare solutions
  • "It's been awesome working with such a thorough, professional and fun team. We thank you for helping us deliver what truly is a complex, state-of-the-art infrastructure."
    - Director of Infrastructure, Streaming Music Service
  • "Thanks to all at Tgix - it really was a Herculean effort, and we appreciate your tenacity! You're an awesome and formidable group and I'm so happy to be working with you!”
    - Division Managing Editor, / VIACOM
  • “With imaginative design and insight, the Tgix team was able to take an embryonic idea and develop it into a solution that was engaging and easy to navigate. Working with Tgix was a genuine pleasure and a true partnership."
    - Director of Education, New York City Opera
  • "Tgix has given us not only cutting-edge technology but utter reliability. They have become our partners. The Tgix business model is about trust, long-term relationships, and quality service. You know they'll do the job right - which is what you always want but what you rarely get."
    - Editor-in-Chief, Healthcare publication
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