Rapid Growth Support through Managed AWS Services: Zipari

Rapid Growth Support through Managed AWS Services: Zipari


Zipari is the first and only CX platform built exclusively for health insurance companies, with a mission to create transformative CX technology that makes health insurance better for everyone. With an API-first strategy, the platform delivers a product suite of end-to-end CX solutions that break through barriers and capitalize on existing technology investments for over 200 clients.


Zipari’s growth meant they had a rapidly expanding tech environment, large team of developers, and an increasing number of products deployed on the cloud — all of which resulted in a cloud infrastructure that was difficult to manage and scale. Implementing DevOps practices and streamlining deployments was becoming more challenging with multiple clients and environments. In addition, working in healthcare meant they had the added responsibility for ensuring security and regulatory compliance with HIPAA and HITRUST.


Tgix leveraged our deep AWS expertise across several practice areas to create a comprehensive AWS cloud infrastructure solution and execution:

Our senior cloud engineers stepped in initially to provide expert help on a number of remediation tasks. As we started working closely with the Zipari team, several other requirements as well as areas for optimization started to get identified.

Our Cloud Engineering Services group subsequently provided a cross-functional team staffed with devops project managers and engineers. This team was fully integrated with Zipari’s team and worked multiple shifts every day to execute on the remediation plan as well as provide devops and deployment support for Zipari’s Client Services and Product Development teams. Over a period of several years, this team has delivered on numerous projects and initiatives including:

  • Strategic advisory services regarding governance, compliance, and security.
  • Proactive management / maintenance of multiple AWS accounts under the Zipari Organization, as per AWS’s Well-Architected Framework.
  • Integration with best-of-breed technologies in the AWS cloud ecosystem.
  • Building devops automation pipelines and cloud provisioning / management functions.
  • On-demand application build-and-deploy support.
  • Implementing and enforcing security controls as required under HIPAA guidelines, e.g. patch management rollouts.
  • Planning and conducting frequent Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery exercises in conjunction with Zipari’s clients as mandated by HITRUST regulations.
  • Deploying and leveraging our cloud automation tool suite for backups, DR, and infrastructure cost optimization (through automated startup/shutdown utilities).
  • Ongoing monitoring, management, and alert response.


The updated AWS cloud infrastructure along with our Cloud Engineering Services drove significant business outcomes and cost savings, and enabled the Zipari team to focus on product strategy, development and customer service rather than spend costly resources on the “undifferentiated heavy lift” management. They have continued to deliver innovative CX experiences for their customers and end users – rapidly and at scale.

Outcomes included:
  • Predictable, timely, managed deployment for mission-critical, client-facing applications.
  • Reduced overhead on the product management and development teams.
  • Quicker time to market for new feature releases.
  • Faster onboarding for new clients.

Technologies Used

Core AWS (EC2, ALB, S3, RDS, Route 53, ACM)
“I want to thank the Tgix team on behalf of Zipari and especially the Zipari Information Protection team for the time and effort you put into leading the patch management project especially since it was unplanned. We clearly would not have been successful without you to make this happen <...> we met our goal to reduce our risk for publicly accessible systems and a few others to boot. Great job!!!!”
Kelley Ealy

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