Cloud Engineering Services

Integrations, Automation & Optimization for a Better Cloud

Tgix’s Cloud Engineering Services encompass a range of architecture and implementation services that we provide to our clients.

Our services include: 

Platform Engineering

For deploying new cloud environments, integrating best-of-breed technologies, rapid prototyping, as well as providing optimizations and remediations

Data & Storage Engineering

For architecting and implementing performant data & storage solutions from AWS’s arsenal of services, including EBS volumes, S3 buckets,  EFS, CloudFront CDN, RDS, Streaming (Kinesis) and Caching (Redis) technologies.

DevOps Engineering

For architecting DevOps pipelines and build/deploy automation (including Blue-Green and Canary Deployments)

Site Reliability Engineering

For designing and providing highly secure, resilient, and scalable cloud solutions

FinOps Engineering

For optimizing cloud costs, and providing better governance, visibility, and control in cloud environments

Innovative Solutions That Solve Business Problems

Engineering services frequently involve dealing with complex systems and networking technologies. This becomes all the more sophisticated in Kubernetes environments where products and technologies from several different vendors may need to be integrated to engineer the right solution.  Our expertise covers a wide variety of platforms and technologies – open-source as well as commercial offerings that may be available through the AWS Marketplace. Our services provide innovative solutions to our clients for solving their business problems, as well as ensuring that their cloud environments are optimized for cost, reliability, and security.

Related Services

Cloud Advisory & Assessment

Strategic guidance to organizations at all stages of their cloud journey to help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure strategic thinking for critical issues.

Cloud Migration

Take advantage of all that cloud offers, and ensure high availability and security, with our zero-downtime migrations.

Managed Services

From builds to backups, our certified DevSecOps engineers are here to support your infrastructure and streamline your operations.

Cloud App Modernization

Refactor your old code or bring new business ideas to life with increased security, scalability, and Agile best practices.

If you’re dealing with complex infrastructure, security requirements, deployment speeds, or looking for cost efficiencies, contact us today for a no-obligation brainstorm.

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