TGIX Cloud Automation Suite

Save up to 70% on your AWS cloud costs with our suite of automations

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The Tgix Cloud Automation Suite (TCAS) is a SaaS-based offering that provides a simple, yet effective way to run a variety of operational and cost optimization tasks in the AWS cloud. TCAS addresses several issues that are typically found in AWS environments. For most organizations, the premise of moving to a cloud-based environment rests in its simplicity, manageability, and the ability to reduce costs; however, this does not always live up to expectations.

We have seen the same operational challenges time and again in most cloud environments:

  • Unused or under-utilized resources, leading to overpayment & runaway costs
  • Lack of tools to easily recreate or clone a group of cloud resources
  • Absence of an easy, integrated backup and DR solution


TCAS addresses these challenges easily and effectively without needing any additional resources in the environment. TCAS operations are based on a simple serve-serve tagging scheme that gets applied to resources, and allows clients to:

  •  Automate the process of backups and cross-regional or cross-account DR (Disaster Recovery)
  • Automatically resize instances – to save costs in environments that don’t need the same horsepower after hours
  • Automatically stop and start cloud resources based on individually specified times
  • Automatically terminate instances at a fixed time
  • Clone a pre-identified set of cloud resources, e.g. an entire VPC, from one region to another, to be used for QA and testing


TCAS (which is included at no charge in our Cloud Managed Services engagements) has helped a number of organizations quickly meet their regulatory compliance requirements through the automated backups & DR solution. The auto shutdown/startup tool has saved clients up to 70% of their cost – significantly more than what is afforded by Cost Savings Plans, Reserved Instances, or Spot Instances.

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