Cloud App Modernization Services

New Application Architectures & Practices for the Nimble Organization

Accelerate your digital transformation journey to remain innovative and competitive

Tgix has worked with scores of organizations to modernize their business applications and refactor them for the cloud. We can help you determine the optimal architecture, technology platforms and migration strategy for your legacy apps. 

Our expertise includes cloud-native application development and integration services for hybrid cloud environments, along with the adoption of Agile processes and DevOps practices.

Reinvent Your Infrastructure

We have all the experience and expertise needed to migrate your environment and applications onto a secure state-of-the-art platform.

  • Cloud-ready business applications
  • Data transformations
  • Scalable, secure application architectures
  • Legacy monolithic to microservices
  • DevOps pipeline implementation
  • Serverless technologies

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Managed Services

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Cloud Engineering Services

Unmatched expertise with cloud integration, automation, optimization, deployments, and a slew of other services for all your business challenges.

If you’re dealing with complex infrastructure, security requirements, deployment speeds, or looking for cost efficiencies, contact us today for a no-obligation brainstorm.

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