How Tracy Anderson Used the Cloud to Transform 

Online Fitness

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Tracy Anderson Meets Cloud Services

Tracy Anderson is a world-renowned fitness instructor, with a client list consisting of numerous celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Jennifer Lopez. She has perfected her craft and is popularly known for creating the “Tracy Anderson Method”. Tracy’s unique approach helps her subscriber achieve a strong and lean physique by focusing efforts on small and accessory muscles.

The fitness entrepreneur’s brand and online studio are extremely successful, coaching subscribers in all 50 states and 50 countries globally. The amount of Tracy Anderson (TA) subscribers has never been disclosed, however, with Tracy having over 600 thousand Instagram followers, one can assume her subscriber count is high.
The Tracy Anderson website provides customers with live access to TA’s various online fitness programs and e-commerce store, although this was not always the case. Behind the ideal experience of Tracy Anderson’s multi-purpose website, is our New York-based cloud services firm, TGIX

Finding the Best Strategy for Seamless User Experience

Before working with TGIX, Tracy Anderson’s subscribers were having a disjoint customer experience. Three online programs were offered by TA: Tracy Anderson Online Studio, The Performance Program, and TA Teen Stream. While these programs did a great job of teaching fitness, they were hosted on a third party called VHX, a video service platform provided by Vimeo. Using this platform required Tracy’s subscribers to have separate login credentials for each of her online programs. If a customer was subscribed to all three, and also had an account on the TA website, they would have to remember four login credentials.

Initially, the Tracy Anderson team was on the hunt for a company that could rebuild their website. They were originally scouting design agencies, although after finding TGIX, the TA team realized taking a technology-focused approach was the better decision. Working with a company specializing in Amazon Web Services was going to meet their specific needs more than a design agency would be able to.

Imagine the difference in customer experience once all of Tracy’s services were offered on one platform. A more convenient way to access TA online classes would surely benefit existing customers and bring in new ones.

Executing Cloud Computing for the TA Website

TGIX’s goal was to create a unified single sign-on experience for Tracy Anderson’s online fitness programs and her website, which only hosted her online store at the time.

The first phase of the project focused on launching the rebranded TA website using AWS cloud services. TGIX redesigned the TA e-commerce store to ensure easier access to products including apparel, equipment, and digital downloads of classes. TGIX provided Cloud Engineering Services and created a brand-new cloud environment for Tracy’s website.

The second phase was launching the fully integrated online studio. Using Cloud App Modernization Services, TGIX refactored and rebuilt each of Tracy’s online programs into the newly engineered cloud environment. Now with one login to the TA website, members could access all of their subscriptions in one place. TGIX also managed to migrate existing customers from the previous VHX platform to the new website. The migration was tricky, as new TA subscribers were still flowing in through TA customer acquisition efforts. 
The only step existing customers needed to take to access their subscriptions on the TA website instead of VHX, was to reset their password. During this process, some customers struggled, and TGIX was there to provide the customer support they needed.

In the third phase of the project, TA Live was launched. Until this point, TA online programs had been offered in a video-on-demand format. TA Live allowed Tracy and her team to broadcast classes from one of the five physical TA studios across the country to online subscribers at home. The ability to experience the energy from live classes in the comfort of one’s home was the perfect customer experience boost. TGIX had helped TA perfect the art of virtual fitness.

Elevating Your Brand with TGIX

Since implementing TGIX’s integrated solution, Tracy Anderson’s subscriber base has grown by about 200%. TA experiences reduced service disruptions and outages by a factor of 10, and members can now experience TA online fitness in a convenient, high-quality platform. TGIX’s cloud computing services have also given the fitness brand the ability to launch various customized campaigns.

TGIX does not provide cookie-cutter solutions, our company’s approach was designed specifically for Tracy Anderson’s needs.

- Yogen Sanghani, Co-Founder & Vice President of TGIX

For over 10 years, TGIX has been providing sophisticated and secure cloud solutions to clients from a range of industries. TGIX acts as the CTO for clients in need of technical expertise they may not have. Our cloud computing company understood TA’s business goals and was ready to tackle the technical challenges of rebuilding her website. Contact us here, if you would like to learn more about how TGIX can take your company to the next level.


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