How We Helped Tracy Anderson Increase Subscribers 200%

How We Helped Tracy Anderson Increase Subscribers 200%


Tracy Anderson is a world-renowned fitness pioneer, with a client list consisting of numerous celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Jennifer Lopez. She has perfected her craft and is popularly known for creating the “Tracy Anderson Method.” 

Tracy’s brand and online studios provide fitness and lifestyle coaching to subscribers in all 50 states plus 50 countries globally, and she has over 800,000 Instagram followers.


Tracy Anderson Mind and Body, LLC (TA) offers a variety of subscription based fitness programs to their customers online and offline. Additionally, TA offers health and wellness focused content on their website and highly selective, curated merchandise on their E-commerce shop on their website. 

These subscription programs and the offerings had grown organically, resulting in multiple websites with multiple logins and disjointed user experience across these offerings, coupled with reliability and availability issues causing frequent service outages for the customers.

TA needed a secure, scalable and reliable web platform from which to deliver all of their offerings to their customers in a seamless manner with a unified user experience. Additionally, the platform needed to be highly flexible and customizable to accommodate evolving product offerings and seasonal updates to the user experience that kept up with Tracy’s brand presentations on the social media.


Tgix addressed this challenge in three steps:

Phase 1 — Tgix’s development team redesigned the TA website and  e-commerce store aligned with TA’s branding and with tools to enable seamless e-commerce experience for customers while purchasing apparel, equipment and other merchandise or TA’s digital content; then the Cloud Engineering Services team created a brand-new cloud environment for the site on AWS and relaunched the newly designed experience.

Phase 2 — Using Cloud App Modernization Services, Tgix refactored and rebuilt each of TA’s online offerings  into the newly engineered cloud environment. Now with one login to the TA website, members could access all of their subscriptions in one place. Tgix also seamlessly managed the migration of existing customers from the previous VHX platform to the new website — a tricky balance as new TA subscribers were still flowing into the legacy site through TA customer acquisition efforts during the overlap period.

Phase 3 — Add the capability for TA Live. Until this point, TA online programs had been offered in a video-on-demand format. TA Live allowed Tracy and her team to broadcast classes from any of their five physical TA studios across the country to online subscribers at home, adding even more engagement and stickiness for her subscribers.


  • 200% subscriber growth
  • Ability to support & track various marketing campaigns
  • 10x reduction in services disruptions and outages
  • Scalable, secure infrastructure that can continue to grow with the brand

Technologies Used

Core AWS (EC2, ALB, WAF, S3, RDS, Route 53, ACM, CloudWatch, SES, Redis)

WordPress, WooCommerce

Third party services integrations: Zype, Stripe, HubSpot, Affirm, Avalara, ShipStation

Technologies Used

Core AWS (EC2, ALB, WAF, S3, RDS, Route 53, ACM, CloudWatch)

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