How IaC Reduced Client Onboarding by 75%: Zipari

How IaC Reduced Client Onboarding by 75%: Zipari


Zipari is the first and only CX platform built exclusively for health insurance companies, with a mission to create transformative CX technology that makes health insurance better for everyone. With an API-first strategy, the platform delivers a product suite of end-to-end CX solutions that break through barriers and capitalize on existing technology investments for over 200 clients.


Zipari’s SaaS applications were initially deployed in a multi-tenant environment that was shared across a large number of customers. While fine as an MVP and at a smaller scale, this architecture eventually created several challenges. Zipari found out that they were not able to provide feature upgrades or customizations for specific clients without impacting other customers on their platform. More importantly they realized that maintaining a stringent HIPAA compliance posture was increasingly difficult. To better meet compliance requirements and to improve reliability and availability, Zipari decided to isolate each customer environment into their own isolated stacks.


Tgix’s Cloud Migration Services team was engaged to execute the entire isolation project from inception through completion. This isolation had to be applied across multiple environments per customer, including SIT, PIT, UAT and Production, making the task even more complex.

The Tgix team worked for 9 months to isolate 10 clients, refactoring and migrating a client every 3 weeks. Each client migration was its own project consisting of separate stages of isolation in collaboration with both Zipari and client stakeholders for testing and sign-off.

Alongside the migration effort, Tgix’s Cloud Engineering Services team built a highly modular library of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) functions for provisioning and configuring required application stacks. Onboarding new customers was a related challenge as multiple application stacks needed to be provisioned using a process that was both time consuming and error prone. The new code library was built with flexibility to be able to stand up customer environments of varying sizes (depending upon load considerations) and varying configurations (depending upon products licensed by customers). The code library also supported standing up environments with Blue/Green deployments to facilitate the rapid rollout of new features for clients.


This large architecture overhaul was executed quickly, efficiently, and with minimal down time and zero data loss. Tgix’s involvement meant that the Zipari team could continue to focus on their core product, leaving the migration tasks to our experienced AWS engineers. The resulting environment was HIPAA/HITRUST compliant with a significantly improved security posture, as well as better scalability, availability and manageability.

The IaC library facilitated smooth and rapid migration of all client environments to their isolated stacks. It also helped reduce the time for onboarding new customers from up to 3 months down to 3 weeks.

Technologies Used

Core AWS (EC2, ALB, S3, RDS, Route 53, ACM)
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