How We Reduced Costs 90% Via Kubernetes: Zipari

How We Reduced Costs 90% Via Kubernetes: Zipari


Zipari is the first and only CX platform built exclusively for health insurance companies, with a mission to create transformative CX technology that makes health insurance better for everyone. With an API-first strategy, the platform delivers a product suite of end-to-end CX solutions that break through barriers and capitalize on existing technology investments for over 200 clients.


In order to meet HIPAA/HITRUST regulatory compliance requirements and best accommodate a customizable SaaS experience for individual customers, Zipari and Tgix had architected and built isolated stacks from what was previously a multi-tenant platform. While this met the goals of smoother deployments, better security posture, and faster onboarding of new clients, it also resulted in substantially increased costs due to the large number of EC2 and other compute resources required in the new deployment architecture.


Tgix’s Cloud Engineering team worked closely with Zipari’s application and infrastructure architecture teams to containerize the application and design a new deployment architecture utilizing AWS EKS clusters/Kubernetes for container orchestration.

Following a successful POC of the containerized applications in the new deployment environment, Tgix’s Cloud Migration Services team, working closely with the Zipari’s delivery team, drew up a plan to migrate each of the client’s environments to the new platform, one client at a time. A slew of automation tools and templates were built to facilitate the migration effort. This migration was executed seamlessly with zero data loss and minimal scheduled downtime. Several other best-of-breed technologies were integrated in the final solution to enhance security, manageability, and build in DevOps automation.


Following this migration, Zipari recognized a 90% reduction in their monthly recurring EC2 costs.

In addition, they gained the ability to have finer grain control over scale up/scale down at the individual service level, depending on usage — a key issue in the insurance space, when usage spikes during enrollment periods.

Technologies Used

Core AWS (EC2, ALB, S3, RDS, Route 53, ACM)
Kubernetes – AWS EKS, AWS ECR
Hashicorp Vault
HPA / Autoscaler
Gitlab CI/pipelines
Kafka CLI
“The Tgix team was a driving force in the migration of Zipari's customer environments from traditional virtual machines to Kubernetes. They provided our team with support throughout the architecture, design, and critically the execution of this migration ensuring we delivered on time with minimal impact to our customers. Tgix has been a strong infrastructure partner for years and we appreciate their continued support.”
Nivedita Chevvakula
Senior DevOps Manager

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