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To design and implement new infrastructure, processes and facilities with DevOps best practices to handle growth.


• Existing environment was not designed to handle increased volumes of business. 
• Exponential growth had rendered development, QA and deployment processes archaic. 
• QA team not able to cope with testing of constant features / enhancements and the continuous Agile development cycles. 
• No configuration management, leading to inconsistencies across different environments.-

TGIX Solutions

• Designed processes to enable Dev and QA to spin up desired target environments and deploy specific branch to target environments. 
• Migration of services into separate prod/non-prod, multi-zone, scalable and secure environments within the AWS cloud. 
• Migration from SVN to Git. 
• Design and implementation of automated build processes using CloudFormation and Puppet. 
• Collaborative effort to create automated processes to facilitate deployment of chosen branches to chosen environments, integrated with Jira, Bitbucket and Bamboo.


• With the help of Tgix’s multi-disciplinary DevOps team, our client is now enjoying: 
• More fault-tolerant, scalable and easy-to-maintain infrastructure.
• Significantly faster QA and deployment cycles. 
Technology better aligned with business

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