Custom Mobile Solutions

Tgix offers a unique approach for helping clients with their mobile initiatives. We don’t view mobile as just another screen. To us, mobile requires a different approach to design, functionality, usability, and most importantly, interaction with back-end systems.

Our team is experienced in developing mobile applications with advanced, complex and highly performant functionality; creating mobile applications as companions to web-based applications; extending and integrating legacy applications to mobile; and even reverse-engineering existing mobile applications for better performance, inclusion of new features and greater functionality.

In addition to working with our clients to design and develop mobile applications, we work with them to create strategic product road-maps, to support both MVP functionality and future, full-featured requirements. We support specific business goals by understanding the ways mobile is being used today, and how it will be used in the future.

Tgix’s work in the Mobile Space has included:

  • Developing, deploying and integrating mobile applications, both native and web-based
  • Mobile apps for iOS, Android and Blackberry
  • Mobile accessory engineer (physical products)

Businesses that need more than just a “marketing” mobile application rely on Tgix for our leading-edge mobile skills and experienced business process knowledge.

Read about some of Tgix’s client engagements.